Full Body Shrink | Pressure Sensitive | Heat Transfer | UV Direct Screen Print

Full Body Shrink

Alliance has shrink labeled more containers than any other company in the world. Let our experience work for you.

Shrink sleeve labels cover the entire container with vibrant colors and full body graphics for effectively marketing your brand, innovative product launches or to revitalize existing brands.

This economical alternative to pre-printed containers provides top to bottom, 360 degree, visual appeal and can help your product stand out on the shelf amidst competitors. The labels are printed reverse-side to allow minimum distortion, durability & scuff-proof.

Pressure Sensitive Labeling

Alliance Labeling has labeled hundreds of different container shapes and sizes. Our experience with high speed, quality applications will help provide speed to market while reducing capital expenditure.

Pressure sensitive labels (PSL) are the fastest growing product in the label industry. These labels are versatile, eye-catching and can be applied to a variety of different containers.

Pressure sensitive labeling can help companies launch new products, boost sales and attract new markets.

Heat Transfer Labeling

Alliance now offers the newest Clear Advantage™ Heat Transfer Application which provides customers with high quality, "no-label look" decoration for glass and plastic containers.

The Heat Transfer Label does not limit graphics or colors and can provide up to a 340 degree coverage for both the body and neck. Once the label is applied, a permanent bond is created to the container and the labels become resistant to chemicals and moisture. There is no peeling, blistering or bubbling.

UV Screen Printing For Glass

Alliance proudly offers our New, Patented UV Direct Screen Printing Process for glass containers. This process utilizes UV cured organic inks, which are environmentally friendly and free of heavy metals, solvents and volatile organic compounds.

Alliance offers both "One-Way" and "One-Wash" Technologies. "One Way" Technology is a permanent application to the glass container which can withstand all types of filling process. "One-Wash" Technology is a removable application in a 4% caustic soda commonly used in a returnable container market.

Our patented process eliminates the use of lehr ovens used in traditional applied ceramic labeling (ACL). Therefore, the container can be light weight and decorated using significantly less energy.